CTP - Cable Route Protection

Our Installation Department can implement fire-resistant cable route protection throughout France and North Africa.

The cable route protection we use consists of pre-formed channels with 3 sides + cover or just the assembly of 4 plates. The purpose of the 2-hour fire protection casing is to protect electrical cables and pipes, as well as to provide ventilation and smoke extraction ducts.

The 3-sided pre-formed block can be used as a cable route, which relieves you of the burden of installing it.

The dimensions of the pre-formed parts manufactured in the factory are up to 650 mm. Beyond that, the casing is made using plates assembled directly on site. 

All the elements of the structure are protected with their own shell, thus obtaining casing that is fire-resistant for 2 hours or 4 hours, either EI120 or EI240.

Cable route protection is used in existing electrical constructions to protect cables, cable routes and metal piping, with fire-resistant protection that lasts for two hours.

In new electrical installations, cable route protection can be used for fire-resistant cable routes, replacing traditional cable routes, which means savings can be made while achieving fire-resistant cable protection of two hours.

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