Throughout France and the rest of Europe and North Africa, our Caulking Department provides resealing products for your cable or pipe transits in order to restore the fire resistance of your structures, including the following:

Our EI 60 to 240-minute caulking systems (fire-resistant for 1 to 4 hours) are applicable for construction, industry, the service sector, the maritime sector and also hydrocarbon zones. They can update the fire resistance integrity of your compartmentation features, such as slabs, partitions and dry walls, and are validated for all duct sizes of the ISO 1366-3 standard: small, medium and large, for all types of cables sold in Europe.

Our teams have all of the key skills and training required to work on all types of site. All of the products in our catalogue can be implemented by this department

Our Design Office is at your disposal to support you in your projects and help you define the solutions you need.

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