Fire-resistant smoke extraction and ventilation casing

Our Installation Department can implement your ventilation casing throughout France and North Africa.

The products we install allow the construction of horizontal and vertical R EI 120 to 180 ventilation and smoke extraction ducts, tested in accordance with EN 1366-1 and 1366-8 standards.

The inner sections range from: 5 x 5 to 2500 x 2000 mm

These products are compatible with RFTAldesFrance Air, Panol and Atlantic shutters.

Slabs made of plaster, glass fibre and vermiculite.

Thickness of 35 mm to 50 mm on average depending on manufacturer, length of 1 ml to 1.2 ml, width per module of 5 cm, interlocking assembly, supports protected by covers and U-shaped structures of the same material.

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