Fire-resistant pastes - Building range


Very lightweight, ready-to-use fire-resistant paste, of a beige colour, for the fire resistance of electrical cables.

Very easy to apply for small and medium ducts, this filling compound can restore your 4-hour fire resistance for a thickness of up to 20 cm.

Asbestos and solvent-free, this paste adheres to any surface and is very easy to remove or drill.

With a density of 0.85, its surface drying time is 72 hours at a temperature of 18°C. It can be installed with a spatula or trowel. A removable formwork is required for the floor ducts.


This 4-hour fire-resistant paste is a polymer that can be moulded by hand and remains supple and flexible throughout its life cycle. Its components make it highly resistant to flames, temperature and water. It is specially designed for the fire protection of small and medium transits for electrical cables.

This paste is intumescent, 4 times its volume from 200°C, which stops the spread of flames and gases. It contains no asbestos or solvents. It is red-brick in colour and odourless with a density of 1.5. Applicable from -10 C° to + 50 C°, the paste must be kneaded and inserted into the duct. It is therefore very simple and fast to apply it. You can also remove and reuse the paste whenever you wish.

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