Fire-resistant mortars - Maritime Range

CABLISOL MARINE: A60 fire-resistant incombustible hydraulic mortar for coaming, decks and partition walls that is also watertight.

GERBAM tested: Ref. no. 465/02/A/NP/R102 A60 partition walls, Ref. no. 464/02/A/NP/R102 A60 bridges and LNE Ref. no. C020640 incombustibility.

This mortar is also BV certified, Report no. BV SOS 1M 02/024 as watertight, Report no. 12512/AO EC examination and Report no. SAS F020413 for the certificate of fire approval.

It is a single-component inorganic product that comes in powder form. Just by adding water, it can completely fill all cable transit openings and coaming that require fire resistance and sealing against liquid, gas and smoke.

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