Audits, formations


The goal of an Audit is to conduct a complete tour of your premises in order to define any compliance upgrades required for the following equipment:

Passive fire protection:
– Doors – Partitions
– Ventilation and smoke extraction ducts
Fire-resistant caulking


Customised half-day or full-day training courses, which aim to provide you with the skills required to ensure the compliance of various categories of premises with the fire protection requirements of current regulations. The modules are customised according to your expectations and can cover the following points: Fire, Regulations, Fire Protection, Building Types, Fire Behaviour of Materials, Official Documents.


The practical training courses are aimed at the staff in your company who have the task of installing our products. The goal is to reduce labour costs by learning installation standards and techniques while maintaining maximum quality. This one-day training course is delivered directly on your premises by one of our team leaders, to work on specific cases and to carry out fire-resistant activities in real situations. 

Our Design Office is at your disposal to support you in your projects and help you define the solutions you need.

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