90/180 Fire-resistant Plugs

Conical trunk fire-resistant plugs are intumescent flexible blocks used to restore the fire-resistant integrity of partitions or slabs for cable crossings and small pipes.

These products remain flexible at all times.

They are easy and quick to install; their main advantage is their ease of re-installation without compromising the fire resistance of the crossing.

Rankings obtained from fire resistance reports 10-A-109 and 09-A-527:
– from E 120 to E 180 and from EI 90 to EI 180 for partitions,
– from E 120 and from EI 90 to EI 120 for slabs, depending on the configurations.

This product has been tested for fire resistance in accordance with European test standard NE 1366-3 and classified in accordance with European classification standard NE 13501-2 pursuant to the decree of 22 March 2004.

For cable bushing protection, other products are available such as coatings.