Fire-resistant sealant coatings - Building range



The fire-resistant coatings and sealants we offer are used in the ISOLFLAM X100HF/X105HF process for the 2-hour fire-resistance of cable crossings and for the construction of flame-retardant barriers.

The ISOLFLAM X… HF process enables you to restore the EI 120 2-hour fire-resistance of walls and floors destroyed by the transit of electrical cables.

This system involves the use of coating or sealant coupled with high-density rock wool. ISOLFLAM X… HF can handle small, medium or large ducts.


Used alone, the ISOLFLAM X.. HF coating or sealant can create flame-retardant barriers by applying 3 mm of it directly on to the cables. They prevent the spread of fire along the cables and increase the cables’ operating time.



ISOLFLAM ECP/ECM “fire-resistant coating or fire-resistant sealant” is an asbestos-free and solvent-free fire protection coating for electrical cables, providing fire resistance for 30 to 60 minutes.

It comes in two versions:
– As a paint that can be applied by brush or sprayed with an airless spray gun.
– As a sealant applicable with a spatula, trowel or cartridge.

In the event of a fire, ISOLFLAM ECP/ECM expands 4 to 5 times its initial thickness to form a protective ring around your cables. With a density of 1.25, the finish will be smooth for the coating version and granulated for the sealant version.

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